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The United States Army Field Band

Our Mission:
To serve and inspire the American people by telling the Army story and honoring our Soldiers and Veterans at home and abroad as The Musical Ambassadors of the Army.

July 12: Iowa City, IA @ 8:00 CDT
International Trombone Festival
Concert Band with Soloists

From Boston to Baghdad, Tampa to Toronto, The United States Army Field Band has been thrilling audiences of all ages for more than six decades. As the premier touring musical representative for the United States Army, this internationally-acclaimed organization travels thousands of miles each year presenting a variety of music to enthusiastic audiences throughout the nation and abroad. Through these concerts, the Field Band fosters the support of the American people for members of the armed forces and supports diplomatic efforts around the world.

“Every one of these professional musicians is an American Soldier.”
-Brigadier General Vincent K. Brooks

Six-String Soldiers Play HoustonFest:
Six-Strong Soldiers Play HoustonFest

In 2010, 18-year-old Houston Caldwell was an up-and-coming banjo prodigy, a volunteer firefighter, and a newly-enlisted Army Reservist. An incredibly versatile musician who brought his infectious energy to every performance, Houston was proficient in bluegrass, old time, swing, and blues, and was becoming well-known on stages across Virginia. Tragically, not long after completing Basic Training, Houston was killed in a motorcycle accident. His loss was a devastating blow to his loved ones and to the bluegrass community. But his legacy didn’t end there…

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