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The Joy of Singing - Warming Up

Because singing engages a variety of muscles, including the vocal folds, it is just as important for a singer to warm up before a rehearsal or performance as it is for a quarterback before a football game. Here are four warm-ups that will help get your voice going.

  1. Gently hum. As you hum, gently separate the upper and lower jaw, creating a feeling of "tallness" inside the mouth. Start in the middle range and hum downward in pitch.

  2. Open your mouth, continue on a "ah" vowel. This should sound like sighing. Keep your jaw relaxed and open.

    Demonstrating the "ah" vowel Demonstrating the "ah" vowel

  3. Sing a downward five-note scale (sol-fa-mi-re-do) on "mee."
    Music example of a five note scale

  4. Try other vowels like "may," "mah", "moh," and "moo."

    Demonstrating the "may" vowel Demonstrating the "moo" vowel
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