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The Joy of Singing - Healthy Habits for Singers

You cannot effectively perform if you are not in good health. Your body is your instrument, so keeping it in good working order is critical to singing well for many years.

  • Your body is mostly water, so staying properly hydrated is vital to promoting vocal health. Keep a water bottle nearby when practicing, and make sure you are well hydrated before and after a rehearsal or performance.
    Hydrating with a bottle of water

  • Good nutrition helps keep the body healthy. The USDA Food Guide Pyramid is a great model to follow.

  • Any type of exercise will greatly benefit your singing since many types of exercise use the same muscles that are involved in vocal production.

    Runners photo

  • Take care of your ears. They are an important part of your instrument. Wear hearing protection when exposed to continuous loud noise.

  • Get plenty of rest and sleep-your body needs the rest to refresh itself after any kind of physical exertion.
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