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Support and Operations

Support Group: The Musical Ambassadors of the Army could not carry their message to America without the support of highly trained and skilled professionals in a broad range of specialties. Arrangers provide skilled adaptations for the components to perform, while librarians ensure that performers have the music they need. Audio technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to bring a balanced and nuanced sound to each audience, no matter what the location. Transportation professionals safely bring the musicians and equipment to towns and cities across the continent. Supply and instrument repair professionals keep the instruments and uniforms sounding and looking great. Personnel, finance, information systems, and administrative specialists handle the countless details that keep the military's most traveled musicians rolling smoothly to your community.

Operations Group: Each of The U.S. Army Field Band's four components tour more than 100 days each year, presenting 800 performances. The Operations Group is responsible for the planning and coordination that makes these events possible.

These experienced professionals make initial contact with sponsors, line up concert sites and publicity, and coordinate tour schedules. They advance every day of each tour, surveying venues, contracting lodging and support, and providing detailed directions of every mile the components will travel. They coordinate educational outreach programming, both in schools and at music education conferences. They provide world-class educational media materials to schools across our nation. The Operations Group plays an integral role in achieving the Field Band mission in communities across America.

Members of the operations and support groups

"The work of your advance crews, your set-up people and the musicians made our job as sponsor easy."

Daniel J. Warner, Sr., Editor
The Eagle-Tribune, Lawrence, MA

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