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Grading System

Easy (Grade Level 1-2)
Beginner compositions for middle school bands or young high school bands. Moderate brass ranges with a trumpet maximum to a written G above the staff and trombone maximum to a written D above the staff. Solo parts contain written solos as well as chord symbols. All rhythm section parts include chord symbols, voicings, and demonstrate the desired rhythmic feels and appropriate ensemble figures.

Moderate (Grade Level 3-4)
Mainstream compositions appropriate for the average to advanced high school ensemble or young college ensemble. Brass ranges move above the treble clef staff to written C-D for the lead trumpet and down to pedal Bb for the bass trombone. More sophisticated musical language. Chord symbols provided for improvised sections. Rhythm section parts contain some written melodic lines but contain mostly chord symbols and have the necessary rhythmic patterns and ensemble figures.

Difficult (Grade Level 5-6)
College ensembles or advanced high school groups. Extended ranges for brass, woodwind doubles for the saxophones including soprano saxophone, flute, clarinet, and bass clarinet. Dynamics and ensemble balance play a critical role. Extended improvisation sections featuring individual soloists.