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Behind the Scenes

Attend any concert by The United States Army Field Band and you will hear great music played by great musicians, but what you might not see are the contributions our Soldiers make behind the scenes. All of the Army Field Band’s performing musicians have extra duties that contribute to the organization’s success. Many of them bring skills and expertise beyond their musical talents. Master Sergeant Rob McIver and Staff Sergeant Dustin Mollick are two Soldiers whose skills have made them indispensable to the Army Field Band.

Master Sergeant Robert McIver

While serving as tenor vocalist and frequent soloist with the Soldiers’ Chorus, Master Sergeant Rob McIver discovered photography. His obsession began with a simple point-and-shoot camera he bought for a trip to Costa Rica. After returning home, he purchased his first DSLR (digital single-lens reflex camera), and was soon out in the audience taking pictures of the Concert Band and Soldiers’ Chorus. “At the end of the tour I had a ton of live performance photos, some of them were quite good,” says McIver. “That grew into a permanent situation for me.” McIver now serves as the unit’s primary photographer, a position he essentially created himself. “Contributing to the band’s mission by utilizing a skill that I am every bit as passionate about as I am about making music is, well, just really fun!”

Staff Sergeant Dustin Mollick


Staff Sergeant Dustin Mollick

Baritone saxophonist with the Jazz Ambassadors, Staff Sergeant Dustin Mollick, discovered a passion for sequential art after joining the Army Field Band. Mollick has been drawing since he was a little boy, and that interest recently culminated in the launching of a web-based comic series. The skills he learned and developed drawing his own comics were a natural fit for the Production Team, where his graphics editing and layout expertise have contributed to its success.
Mollick credits his interest in illustration as central to developing his eye for art. “So much of graphic design is based on what feels and looks right,” says Mollick. “For me, it’s not just about precise measurements and perfect spacing, it’s about gut reaction.”

Staff Sergeant Dustin Mollick


The U.S. Army Field Band is home to many creative professionals, and the skills they bring with them are many and varied. To learn more about the members of The U.S. Army Field Band, visit ArmyFieldBand.com and click on “Ensembles.”