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The Community's Next Generation

Q & A

Want to know more about The U.S. Army Field Band? Post a question to us through Twitter or Facebook, and we'll post your answer. The best questions will be posted here in the Encore!

To post through Twitter send a tweet starting with: @fieldband To post through Facebook visit our Facebook page: facebook.com/fieldband

What kind of backgrounds do your members come from?
Michael, Youngstown, Pennsylvania

While there is no college requirement, most of our members hold music degrees, many of them advanced degrees. We have graduates from the Eastman School of Music, the Manhattan School of Music, and the Juilliard School, as well as such prestigious state schools as the University of Michigan, Indiana University, and the University of North Texas. Our members have also performed with some of America's finest musical organizations and artists, including the Baltimore Symphony, the Detroit Symphony, the Dallas Opera, the New World Symphony, the Glenn Miller Orchestra, Maynard Ferguson, Doc Severinsen, and countless others. Many of our Soldier-Musicians also served in other military units before coming to the Army Field Band, some in different fields.

How many miles do you travel in a typical year?
Doug, Fairbanks, Alaska

It varies greatly from year to year, but is not uncommon for one performing component to travel more than 5,000 miles in a single tour. Between all of the Army Field Band's components, we average between 35,000 and 40,000 miles per year.

Do you travel overseas?
Sarah, Des Moines, Iowa

The various components of The U.S. Army Field Band have performed in thirty countries on four continents around the world. Most recently, the Army Field Band has participated in international "tattoos," or military marching shows. Many nations send representatives to international tattoos in the form of a band, color guard, or drill team, as a sign of good will. The Jazz Ambassadors has performed in many of the world's most prestigious jazz festivals, including Montreaux, Switzerland; Brussels, Belgium; and the North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands. Last year, The Volunteers did a two-week tour of Iraq and completed a tour of Kuwait this Spring.

How far in advance do you set up a tour?
Mike, Sacremento, California
Logistics for all of our tours are set up by our Operations component. Conversations with potential concert sponsors happen as early as 18 months in advance, and continue until the performance. For information on how to sponsor a concert by The U.S. Army Field Band, please visit Sponsor a Concert.