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I was fortunate enough to get a front row seat, and have never been “moved” more by a musical performance.

Sheldon Swank, Pendleton, Indiana

The band looked GREAT, clean cut, sharp and focused. The sound was ELECTRIFYING, clear, precise, and delivered with enthusiasm! Your comments made us proud to be Americans. We share your pride in this wonderful United States Army Field Band and Soldiers’ Chorus. You gave us one outstanding night of music! Thank you! We’ll keep the memory until you return again!

Doris Teufel, Williamsport, Pennsylvania

This was an important and meaningful evening for me and my husband - as the music was being played, our eldest son, Mark, was flying back to Afghanistan. If I had been home during the evening, I would have spent most of the time crying, but being there at the concert, looking at all those wonderful and brave men and women, I was inspired - and comforted…May all of you be blessed!

The Rev. Netha N. Brada

Beyond the enjoyment of hearing great music, it reminded us that our country has many honorable, enthusiastic, committed and talented role models for us to follow.

Joe Kordella, Marietta, Ohio

Just a quick note regarding the Volunteers in Kansas City, MO…The Volunteers ROCK. I was not expecting such a dynamic sounding, well versed group of musicians. I was very impressed. Thanks for all you all do for our country!

Paul Kwant, Senior Recruiting Officer, Ferris State University

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