Trombone: A Player’s Guide

DVDTrombone: A Player’s Guide covers a wide range of topics, including a brief history of each instrument, methods for good tone production, technique, intonation, and ensemble. This video features the Concert Band’s trombone section and music of various composers, including original works by the Field Band’s arranging staff.

Additional Resources

  • Scales: Major, Minor, and Chromatic
  • Lip Slurs
  • Rhythmic Articulations
  • A New Standard, by MSG Vince Norman
  • Fanfare, by SFC Adrian Hernandez
  • Infernal Jamnation, by SGM Jeffrey Lopez
  • Slide Grease, by SGM Jeffrey Lopez
  • Soldado Sin Miedo, by SGM Jeffrey Lopez
  • RECOMMENDED RESOURCES for Literature & Methods
  • Arban’s Complete Method for Trombone, edited by Charles Randall and Simone Mantia
  • The Art of Doodle Tonguing, by Curtis Fox
  • The Art of Trombone Playing, by Edward Kleinhammer
  • Clef Studies for Trombone, by Vladislav Blazhevich, edited by Donald Hunsberger
  • Giuseppe Concone: the Complete Solfeggi for Trombone, by John Korak
  • Melodious Etudes for Trombone, Vols I-III, by Joannes Rochut
  • Sixty Selected Studies for Trombone, Vols I & II, by C. Kopprasch
  • Technical Studies for Bass Clef Instruments, by Clarke-Gordon
  • Thirty-Six Studies for Trombone with F Attachment, by O. Blume
  • Michael Davis: Hip-Bone Music, for studies with accompaniment
  • Wes Funderburk, for trombone arrangements
  • Hickey’s Trombone Catalog, for all things trombone
  • Cherry Classics, for classical excerpts

  • The above resources are listed for convenience and do not necessarily represent endorsement by the Army Field Band or the United States Army.

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