eNewsletter, February 2018: In The Wake of Hurricane Irma

Satellite Image of Irma

The United States Army Field Band is proud to once again bring the story of our nation’s Army to the people of Florida this spring. “The amazing members of The United States Army Field Band, Soldiers’ Chorus, and Jazz Ambassadors are excited to inspire, encourage, and show support to our brothers and sisters by performing numerous concerts from Jacksonville to Homestead,” said Colonel Jim Keene, Commander of The U.S. Army Field Band.

Hurrican Irma's DevastationIn September 2017, the people of Florida faced one of the most powerful storms in American history. Hurricane Irma made landfall with devastating effect across the entire peninsula of the Sunshine State and continued north, causing power outages and massive flooding. In the aftermath of the storm, several federal organizations, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Department of Energy, the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, and the U.S. Coast Guard, partnered with the American Red Cross as well as state and local agencies to address the immediate needs of Floridians.

A Soldier waits with his convoy and the American Red CrossServicemembers worked hand-in-hand with their civilian counterparts to help deliver food and water and to assist with temporary shelter for the many families displaced by Irma. Hazardous and difficult conditions throughout the state were met time and time again with the true grit and selfless sacrifice of Soldier and civilian alike. This partnership between our military, civilian government, and the people of Florida serve as a testament to our nation’s strength and courage. Faced with disaster, America stands strong together.

The Concert Band & Soldiers’ Chorus and the Jazz Ambassadors will perform special concerts throughout Florida as a tribute to our military veterans, and to the public who continually support our troops at home and abroad. Some highlights of the upcoming tour include performances in Gainesville, Tampa, Orlando, Homestead, and Jacksonville. For full details of the Army Field Band’s 2018 Spring Tour, including ticket information, please visit our Concert Tours page.

“We look forward to meeting Floridians face-to-face,” said Colonel Keene, “and letting them know that they can continue to count on their Army to be there for them, to ‘have their back’ as they have for the past 242 years.”

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