We Stand Ready

We Stand Ready
Since 1756, Army bands have stood side-by-side with Americans helping inspire them during times of peril. Beginning March 20th at 7 pm Eastern, The United States Army Field Band will focus on serving communities across the country the best way it can, by providing not just entertainment, but maintaining a connection between the American people and the Army.
The US Army Field Band will program daily content, to include live, interactive performances, beginning Friday. Programming will start at 7 pm Friday and Saturdays, 1 pm Sunday - Thursday, Eastern.
“The talents of our team of Soldiers are unparalleled and the American people deserve and frankly, need, to hear this message of unity now more than ever,” said Colonel Jim Keene, Commander, The United States Army Field Band. “We remain committed to accomplishing our mission, inspiring people and increasing morale, on behalf of the Army and are fortunate to have a platform that will allows us to readily reach so many people.
Located at Fort Meade, MD, The US Army Field Band’s mission is to connect Americans to their Army by providing live performances and outreach directly to communities across the country. However, travel restrictions due to health concerns have resulted in cancellations of the remaining engagements on its spring tour.
“While we certainly regret the decision to cancel our performances, the health, safety, and welfare of our audiences, venue staffs, and our own Soldiers and their families remain our top priority. We look forward to finding different ways to continue to provide meaningful programming to our audiences until we are able to get back out into communities.” said Colonel Keene
Beginning this Friday, the Army Field Band will begin daily programming, which will include performances by the Concert Band, Soldiers’ Chorus, Jazz Ambassadors, Six-String Soldiers, many more of the group’s smaller ensembles, and will also include interactive roundtable discussions such as E-Sports, music instruction, and other related subjects.
Programming will be daily until further notice. Check our Current Streaming Schedule.

Archived Streams
Friday, March 20 @ 7pm EDT: This We’ll Defend
Watch archived on: Facebook | YouTube
A story about service to the nation

Saturday, March 21 @ 7pm EDT: Music That Unites
Watch archived on: Facebook | YouTube
Six-String Soldiers, America’s most followed military group

Sunday, March 22 @ 1pm EDT: The Greatest Generation
Watch archived on: Facebook | YouTube
A tribute to the WWII generation who saved the world

Monday, March 23 @ 1pm EDT: Songs of the Angels
Watch archived on: Facebook | YouTube
Music from another world, featuring harp and flute masters
Tuesday, March 24 @ 1pm EDT: Video Game Music
Watch on: Facebook | YouTube
Explore new takes on music for the video game generation

Thursday, March 26 @ 1pm EDT: Army Soundtrack
Watch on: Facebook | YouTube
Music through history that kept Soldiers united

The U.S. Army Field Band

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