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The U.S. Army Field Band continues its mission in a virtual format, featuring new videos every week. The Field Band focuses on serving communities across the country the best way it can, by providing not just entertainment, but maintaining a connection between the American people and the Army. The array of programming below represents the many facets of our musical support and outreach. Find older video posts and streams on our social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Upcoming Programming:

Saturday, June 26: Music for Grilling
featuring the Jazztet
Watch on: Facebook | Twitter

Previously Streamed:

Friday, March 20 @ 7pm: This We’ll Defend
A story about service to the nation

Saturday, March 21 @ 7pm: Music That Unites
Six-String Soldiers, America’s most followed military group

Sunday, March 22 @ 1pm: The Greatest Generation
A tribute to the WWII generation who saved the world

Monday, March 23 @ 1pm: Songs of the Angels
Music from another world, featuring harp and flute masters

Tuesday, March 24 @ 1pm: Video Game Music
Explore new takes on music for the video game generation

Wednesday, March 25 @ 1pm: Player Piano Roll
The Soldiers’ Chorus and Dixieland band tribute to yesteryear

Thursday, March 26 @ 1pm: Army Soundtrack
Music through history that kept Soldiers united

Friday, March 27 @ 7pm: America the Beautiful
Concert Band & Soldiers’ Chorus, with Director’s Commentary

Saturday, March 28 @ 7pm: American Road Trip
Celebrating our great nation with the Six-String Soldiers

Sunday, March 29 @ 1pm: The Falling and The Rising
A musical drama telling real stories of Soldiers

Monday, March 30 @ 1pm: GI Jazz:
The Jazz Ambassadors Jazztet

Music by Soldiers, past and present

Tuesday, March 31 @ 1pm: From Rosie to Rangers
A tribute to women in service, featuring Lisa Jaster

Wednesday, April 1 @ 1pm: Hooahcappella
Voices sing about service to country and community

Thursday, April 2 @ 1pm: Field Band Top Five
Our most popular videos of all time

Friday, April 3 @ 7pm: The Army Story
with Sergeant Major of the Army, Michael Grinston
and ABC News Chief Global Affairs Correspondent, Martha Raddatz

Saturday, April 4 @ 7pm: Snow Bank to Six-String!
Top videos from the military’s most followed group

Sunday, April 5 @ 1pm: World War II Songbook
Music that inspired the Greatest Generation

Monday, April 6 @ 1pm: Brass Bios
Get to know the Soldiers of the Chamber Brass

Tuesday, April 7 @ 1pm: Soldiers on the Silver Screen
Celebrating our military at the movies

Wednesday, April 8 @ 1pm: Stories Near and Far
An afternoon with the Woodwind Ambassadors

Thursday, April 9 @ 1pm: Harmonies of Hope
Staff Sgt. Kyra Dorn with songs of inspiration

Friday, April 10 @ 7pm: Sacred Spaces
Concert Band & Soldiers’ Chorus celebrate the Grand Canyon

Saturday, April 11 @ 7pm: Staff Sergeant Megan Pomales
Then Sings My Soul

Sunday, April 12 @ 1pm: A Spring Celebration
Easter Sunday

Monday, April 13 @ 1pm: You’ll Never Walk Alone
Uplifting Songs of Broadway

Tuesday, April 14 @ 1pm: Soundtrack of the American Soldier
Music at the Movies

Wednesday, April 15 @ 1pm: Slide on Over
Trombone Octet with specials guests from “President’s Own”

Thursday, April 16 @ 1pm: What are you Snaring At?
Crashes and Booms from the Back Row

Friday, April 17 @ 7pm: March Kings
High Stepping Music to Keep you Moving

Saturday, April 18 @ 7pm: Six-String Jukebox
Performing Your Requests

Sunday, April 19 @ 1pm: Jazz in the Movies
Film Music that Swings

Monday, April 20 @ 1pm: Countdown to Kickoff
Playing with the Pros

Tuesday, April 21 @ 1pm: Country Spotlight with SFC Wight
Songs from the Heartland

Wednesday, April 22 @ 1pm: Vocal Fireworks
Opera Arias You Didn’t Know You Knew

Thursday, April 23 @ 1pm: Fife, Liberty and the
Pursuit of Happiness

From Battlefield to Center Stage

Saturday, April 24 @ 7pm: Let Freedom Ring
Concert Band and Soldiers’ Chorus Celebrate America

Saturday, April 25 @ 7pm: Servicemember Songwriters
Six-String Soldiers’ Perform the Music of Veterans

Sunday, April 26 @ 1pm: Latin Grooves
Jesús Molina Joins our Jazz Ambassadors

Monday, April 27 @ 1pm: Countdown to Kickoff
Playing with the Pros

Tuesday, April 28 @ 1pm: Behind the Scenes
Arranging the Music we Perform

Thursday, April 29 @ 1pm: Drop the Bass
Music from our Bass Clarinet Quartet

Thursday, April 30 @ 1pm: Best in Show
Battle of Wacky Instruments

Friday, May 1 @ 7pm: The Grand Canyon and American Landscapes
Music That Takes Us Places

Saturday, May 2 @ 7pm: Six-String Saturday
Music with your Six-String Soldiers!

Sunday, May 3 @ 1pm: Sunday Brunch
with the Jazz Ambassadors

Monday, May 4 @ 1pm: May the Fourth Be With You

Tuesday, May 5 @ 1pm: Dawn of Peace
Choral favorites with the men’s ensemble featuring Tim Takach

Wednesday, May 6 @ 1pm: Strengthening Allies
At the Norwegian Military Tattoo

Thursday, May 7 @ 1pm: April Showers Bring May Flowers
Springtime with Flute and Harp

Friday, May 8 @ 7pm: Victory in Europe
A Musical Tribute to VE Day

Saturday, May 9 @ 7pm: Saturday Night with Six-String
An Interactive Night with Six-String Soldiers

Sunday, May 10 @ 1pm: Thank You Mom
A Mother’s Day Special

Monday, May 11 @ 1pm: Mix Tape Monday!
Featuring Straight No Chaser

Tuesday, May 12 @ 1pm: Fun With Family Bands
Making Music At Home

Wednesday, May 13 @ 1pm: Soldiers’ Cabaret
Bringing Broadway Hits to Life

Thursday, May 14 @ 1pm: Rising Above
The Army Changed My Life

Friday, May 15 @ 7pm: Let Freedom Sing!
Soldiers’ Chorus Spotlight

Saturday, May 16 @ 7pm: Six-String Soldiers
Radio Hits

Sunday, May 17 @ 1pm: Battle Buddies

Monday, May 18 @ 1pm: Musical Passport
A Journey Through Time and Space

Tuesday, May 19 @ 1pm: Joint Service Jam Sessions
Music From All Five Services

Wednesday, May 20 @ 1pm: Super Mario Bros
Music in 8 Bits

Thursday, May 21 @ 1pm: Heritage of Service
Tribute to Family Members Who Served

Friday, May 22 @ 7pm: Remembering America’s Heroes
The U.S. Army Field Band Pays Tribute

Saturday, May 23 @ 7pm: Remembering America’s Heroes
A Salute from Six-String Soldiers

Sunday, May 24 @ 1pm: Remembering America’s Heroes
Thank You to Our Greatest Generation

Monday, May 25 @ 1pm: Remembering America’s Heroes
Memorial Day with the U.S. Army Field Band

Tuesday, May 26 @ 7pm: Staff Sergeant Kyra Dorn
Vocal Soloist

Wednesday, May 27 @ 7pm: Sergeant First Class Thomas Davis
Jazz Trumpet Soloist

Thursday, May 28 @ 7pm: Sergeant First Class Randy Wight
Vocal Soloist

Friday, May 29 @ 7pm: Spectacular Solos

Saturday, May 30 @ 7pm: Saturday Night
with Six-String Soldiers

Sunday, May 31 @ 7pm: Top Pop Reimagined
Today’s Hits with a Jazz Twist

Monday, June 1 @ 7pm: Sergeant First Class Thomas Davis
Jazz Trumpet Soloist

Tuesday, June 2 @ 7pm: Sergeant First Class Michaela Shelton
Vocal Soloist

Wednesday, June 3 @ 7pm: Staff Sergeant Ian Bowling
Vocal Soloist

Thursday, June 4 @ 7pm: Staff Sergeant Anthony Pocetti
Jazz Piano Soloist

Friday, June 5 @ 7pm: Class of 2020
Salute to Graduates

Saturday, June 6 @ 7pm: Fierce Females of Country
LIVE with Six-String Soldiers

Sunday, June 7 @ 7pm: Songs for a Summer Day
Sounds of Summer with the Soldiers’ Chorus

Monday, June 8 @ 7pm: Staff Sergeant Sarah Polinski
Vocal Soloist

Tuesday, June 9 @ 7pm: Staff Sergeant James Old
Banjo Soloist

Wednesday, June 10 @ 7pm: Staff Sergeant Troy Paolantonio
Flute Soloist

Thursday, June 11 @ 7pm: Staff Sergeant James Wilson
Vocal Soloist

Friday, June 12 @ 7pm: Feelin’ Good
Uplifting Songs to Take You into the Weekend

Saturday, June 13 @ 7pm: Fierce Females of Country
LIVE with Six-String Soldiers

Sunday, June 14 @ 7pm: Flag Day
Honoring a Symbol of America

Monday, June 15 @ 7pm: Sgt. 1st Class Pam Daniels
Flute Soloist

Tuesday, June 16 @ 7pm: Staff Sgt. Leslie Ostransky
Vocal Soloist

Wednesday, June 17 @ 7pm: Staff Sgt. Kaci Cummings
Horn Soloist

Thursday, June 18 @ 7pm: Staff Sgt. Mitch Gribbroek
Percussion Soloist

Friday, June 19 @ 7pm: Count on Me
Songs of Encouragement

Saturday, June 20 @ 7pm: My Old Man
A Father’s Day Tribute from the Six-String Soldiers

Sunday, June 21 @ 7pm: Father’s Day
Things I Wish My Dad Never Told Me

Monday, June 22 @ 7pm: Staff Sgt. Ian Bowling
Vocal Soloist

Tuesday, June 23 @ 7pm: Master Sgt. Rose Ryon
Vocal Soloist

Wednesday, June 24 @ 7pm: Staff Sgt. Derek Stults
Percussion Soloist

Thursday, June 25 @ 7pm: Master Sgt. Mike Sears and the Clarinet Section

Friday, June 26 @ 7pm: Classical Cornucopia
Fresh Takes on Vocal and Instrumental Tunes

Saturday, June 27 @ 7pm: Six-String Soldiers

Sunday, June 28 @ 7pm: PRIDEstream 2020

Monday, June 29 @ 7pm: Staff Sgt. Sarah Polinski
Vocal Soloist

Tuesday, June 30 @ 7pm: Staff Sgt. James Wilson
Vocal Soloist

Wednesday, July 1 @ 7pm: Sgt. 1st Class Randy Wight
Vocal Soloist

Thursday, July 2 @ 7pm: Sgt. 1st Class JG Miller
and the Horn Section

Friday, July 3 @ 7pm: Fanfares For Freedom
An Idependance Day Celebration with The U.S. Army Field Band

Saturday, July 4 @ 7pm: Independence Day
Grilling and Chilling with Six-String Soldiers

Sunday, July 5 @ 7pm: Latin Jazz Summer Kickoff
The Jazz Ambassadors Featuring Latin Artist Tony Succar

Monday, July 6 @ 7pm: Staff Sgt. Mikey Arbulu
Clarinet Soloist

Tuesday, July 7 @ 7pm: Master Sgt. Teresa Harris
Vocal Soloist

Wednesday, July 8 @ 7pm: Sgt. Major James Wood
Portrait of a Field Band Family

Thursday, July 9 @ 7pm: Staff Sgt. Joey Mazzara
Vocal Soloist

Friday, July 10 @ 7pm: Summertime
Sunshiny Performances with the Concert Band & Soldiers’ Chorus

Saturday, July 11 @ 7pm: Movie Music
with Six-String Soldiers

Sunday, July 12 @ 7pm: A Musical Trip to the Zoo
with the Concert Band, Soldiers’ Chorus, and Jazz Ambassadors

Monday, July 13 @ 7pm: Staff Sgt. Jennifer Zhou
Flute Soloist

Tuesday, July 14 @ 7pm: Sgt. 1st Class Robert Marino
Practicing Percussion with a Newborn

Wednesday, July 15 @ 7pm: Blooper Reel
Outtakes from the Soldier Sessions

Thursday, July 16 @ 7pm: Sgt. 1st Class Teresa Alzadon
Vocal Soloist

Friday, July 17 @ 7pm: Must See TV
Popular Themes Performed Live

Saturday, July 18 @ 7pm: Drop a Line
Fishing with Six-String Soldiers

Sunday, July 19 @ 7pm: Moon Landing
Commemorating the Anniversary of Landing on the Moon

Monday, July 20 @ 7pm: Staff Sgt. Matt Corrigan
Trombone Soloist

Tuesday, July 21 @ 7pm: Sgt. 1st Class Phillip Johnson
Trumpet and Comics

Wednesday, July 22 @ 7pm: Staff Sgt. Ian Bowling
Vocal Soloist

Thursday, July 23 @ 7pm: Sgt. 1st Class Ben Hilgert
Vocal Soloist

Friday, July 24 @ 7pm: What I Like About You
Songs of Love

Saturday, July 25 @ 7pm: Not Forgotten
Six-String Soldiers Honor Korean War Veterans

Sunday, July 26 @ 7pm: Fast and Furious
Soloists of the U.S. Army Field Band, featuring Chad LB

Monday, July 27 @ 7pm:Staff Sgt. Patrick Nyren
Euphonium Soloist

Tuesday, July 28 @ 7pm: Staff Sgt. Jennifer Kempe
Horn Soloist

Wednesday, July 29 @ 7pm: Sgt. 1st Class Charis Strange
Vocal Soloist

Thursday, July 30 @ 7pm: Staff Sgt. Grace Bauson
Harp Soloist

Friday, July 31 @ 7pm: Tangos and Habaneros
Off the Scoville Scale

Saturday, August 1 @ 7pm: Hot Rods and Humvees
With Six-String Soldiers

Sunday, August 2 @ 7pm: Disney Songs
With the Jazz Ambassadors Dixieland Band

Monday, August 3 @ 7pm: Staff Sgt. Kyra Dorn
Vocal Soloist

Tuesday, August 4 @ 7pm: Staff Sgt. Wes Anderson
Jazz Ambassadors Drummer

Wednesday, August 5 @ 7pm: Staff Sgt. Courtney Martin
Flute Soloist

Thursday, August 6 @ 7pm: Staff Sgt. James Old
Traditional Banjo Melodies

Friday, August 7 @ 7pm: Fantastic Folk Tunes
Fiddlin’ Around

Saturday, August 8 @ 7pm: Saturday Night!
with Six-String Soldiers

Sunday, August 9 @ 7pm: The 600 String Soldiers
Popular Piano Requests Live

Monday, August 10 @ 7pm: Staff Sgt. James Wilson
Vocal Soloist

Tuesday, August 11 @ 7pm: Sgt. 1st Class Sean Casey
Bass Trombone Soloist

Wednesday, August 12 @ 7pm: Staff Sgt. Tiffany Hoffer
Trumpet Soloist

Thursday, August 13 @ 7pm: Master Sgt. and Sgt. 1st Class Garcia
Vocal Duets with Ukelele

Friday, August 14 @ 7pm: From Broadway to West End
Musical Theater Favorites with Tamar Greene and Mat & Savannah Shaw

Saturday, August 15 @ 7pm: Saturday Night!
With Six-String Soldiers

Sunday, August 16 @ 7pm: Cartoon Music
With Soldiers of the U.S. Army Field Band

Monday, August 17 @ 7pm: Master Sgt. Jennifer Everhart
Clarinet Soloist

Tuesday, August 18 @ 7pm: Staff Sgt. Sarah Polinski
Vocal Soloist

Wednesday, August 19 @ 7pm: Sgt. 1st. Class Todd Sturniolo
with Staff Sgt. Jeff Lewandowski

Thursday, August 20 @ 7pm: Master Sgt. Rose Ryon
Vocal Soloist

Friday, August 21 @ 7pm: 74 Years of the U.S. Army Field Band
Celebrating the Past Year of Music

Saturday, August 22 @ 7pm: All in the Family
with Six-String Soldiers

Sunday, August 23 @ 7pm: Come On Down!
American TV Game Show Music

Monday, August 24 @ 7pm: Staff Sgt. Mercedes Beckman
Jazz Ambassadors Saxophone

Tuesday, August 25 @ 7pm: Sgt. 1st Class Daniel Erbe
Vocal Soloist

Wednesday, August 26 @ 7pm: Sgt. 1st Class Erika Grimm
Concert Band Oboe

Thursday, August 27 @ 7pm: Staff Sgt. Anthony Pocetti
Jazz Ambassadors Piano

Friday, August 28 @ 7pm: Bring On The Horns!
Chart Topping Pop Hits

Saturday, August 29 @ 7pm: Your Requests, Live!
With Six-String Soldiers

Sunday, August 30 @ 7pm: Clarinet Quartet Sunday

Monday, August 31 @ 7pm: Sgt. 1st Class Rachel Farber
Vocal Soloist

Tuesday, September 1 @ 7pm: Sgt. Major John Altman
Jazz Ambassadors Trumpet

Wednesday, September 2 @ 7pm: Master Sgt. Chris Sarangoulis
Concert Band Euphonium

Thursday, September 3 @ 7pm: Staff Sgt. Mitch Gribbroek
Concert Band Percussion

Friday, September 4 @ 7pm: Back to School!

Saturday, September 5 @ 7pm: Back to the Grind

Sunday, September 6 @ 7pm: Guitar Heroes
Behind the Scenes Jam Session

Monday, September 7 @ 7pm: Staff Sgt. Ian Bowling
Vocal Soloist

Wednesday, September 9 @ 7pm: Master Sgt. Brad Danho
Jazz Ambassadors Saxophone

Saturday, September 12 @ 7pm: Teacher Tribute
with Six-String Soldiers

Sunday, September 13 @ 7pm: A Trip to the Big Easy
The Music of New Orleans

Monday, September 14 @ 7pm: Bedtime with the Teagues
with Staff Sgt. Christian Teague, Vocal Soloist

Wednesday, September 16 @ 7pm: Homeschooling Pro Tips
with Staff Sgt. James Wilson, Vocal Soloist

Saturday, September 19 @ 7pm: Cover Down
with Six-String Soldiers

Sunday, September 20 @ 7pm: Music from the Heartland
with members of the Jazz Ambassadors

Monday, September 21 @ 7pm: September Nights
with Sgt. 1st Class Thomas Davis
Jazz Ambassadors Trumpet

Saturday, September 26 @ 7pm: Weather Report
Featuring Justin Berk and Dr. Reed Timmer, Meteorologists

Sunday, September 27 @ 7pm: Legit Brit: A Musical Trip to England
Featuring The International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival

Monday, September 28 @ 7pm: Saxophone Cruise Control
Sgt. 1st Class Daniel Goff, Concert Band Saxophone

Wednesday, September 30: 10th Mountain Division Memories
Master Sgt. Rose Ryon, Vocal Soloist

Saturday, October 3: Studio 54
Saturday Night Dance Party

Sunday, October 4: ¡Celebremos!
Honoring Our Heritage

Monday, October 5: Skyline Drive Cycling Tour
Sgt. First Class Paul White, Staff Arranger

Wednesday, October 7: No Treble
Master Sgt. Jennifer Everhart, Concert Band Bass Clarinet

Saturday, October 10: Bluegrass Breakdown
with Six-String Soldiers

Sunday, October 11: Boppin’ with Bird
Charlie Parker at 100

Monday, October 12: Transformations: A Complete 180
Sgt. First Class JG Miller, Concert Band Horn

Saturday, October 17: Wanderlust
Songs That Take You Places

Sunday, October 18: In Cadence!
Members of the Percussion Section>

Monday, October 19: A Trombone “Feet-ure”

Wednesday, October 21: Fantasy Football Parody
Staff Sergeant Ian Bowling, Vocal Soloist

Saturday, October 24: Country Legends: The Highwaymen & The Highwomen
With Six-String Soldiers

Sunday, October 25 @ 7pm: Spooky Sci-Fi
Members of the Jazz Ambassadors

Wednesday, October 28: Transformations: Being The Change
Staff Sgt. Kyra Dorn, Vocalist

Friday, October 30: Halloween Special
Families of The United States Army Field Band

Saturday, October 31: Trick or Treat! Songs for Halloween
with members of the Soldiers’ Chorus

Sunday, November 1: Music from the Heartland: Chicago
Members of the Jazz Ambassadors

Wednesday, November 4: From Juilliard to the Army
Staff Sgt. Kaci Cummings, Concert Band Horn

Friday, November 6: A Pun-tastic Workout!
Staff Sgt. Kritsin Fleig, Supply NCO

Saturday, November 7: A Tribute to Wounded Warriors
with Six-String Soldiers

Sunday, November 8: Patriotic Jazz for Veterans Day
with a Special Message from Trace Adkins

Wednesday, November 11: A Tribute for All Veterans

Friday, November 13: Come as You Are
Master Sgt. Matthew Gunderson, Unit Librarian

Saturday, November 14 @ 7pm: Queens of Pop
With Special Guest Appearance by Nice Horse

Sunday, November 15 @ 7pm: Rad Hits From The 80s!
Various Vocalists and Instrumentalists

Wednesday, November 18: Lucky Break

Wednesday, November 25: The Best Board Games for Your Winter
Staff Sgt. Lucy McVeigh, Vocalist

Tuesday, December 1: Carol of the Bells
Staff Sgt. Grace Bauson, Harp

Tuesday, December 1: Carol of the Bells
Staff Sgt. Grace Bauson, Harp

Friday, December 4: O Christmas Tree
Jazz Ambassadors Trio

Saturday, December 5: Road Trippin’
with Six-String Soldiers

Sunday, December 6: West Coast Jazz Showcase
Members of the Jazz Ambassadors

Tuesday, December 8: Silent Night
Members of the Jazz Ambassadors

Thursday, December 10: Ma’oz Tzur
Harp and Vocalist

Friday, December 11: Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming
Trombone Duet and Harp

Saturday, December 12: Ode to Joy
Beethoven’s Semiquincentennial

Sunday, December 13: First Comes Love
Broadway Songs About Family

Tuesday, December 15: Greensleeves
Members of the Jazz Ambassadors

Thursday, December 17: Lean On Me
Piano and Vocalist

Friday, December 18: Waltz of the Flowers
Woodwind Quintet

Saturday, December 19: Six-String Sleigh Ride
with Six-String Soldiers

Sunday, December 20: Holiday Special!
The Concert Band and Soldiers’ Chorus

Tuesday, December 22: We Wish You a Merry Christmas
with Brass Quintet

Wednesday, December 23: Snoopy vs. The Red Baron
with Six-String Soldiers

Thursday, December 24: O Holy Night
with Staff Sgt. Christian Teague

Friday, December 25: Silent Night
Concert Band Trombone Choir

Saturday, December 26: Goodbye, 2020!
with Members of Six-String Soldiers

Sunday, December 27: What’s Your Resolution?
Pop Ensemble and Vocalists

Tuesday, December 29: Palestrina: Super Flumina Babylonis
Clarinet Quartet

Friday, January 1: Auld Land Syne
Vocal Quartet

Saturday, January 2: Cheers to a New Year
with Members of Six-String Soldiers

Sunday, January 3: Winter Wonderland
Pop Ensemble and Vocalists

Tuesday, January 5: Wonky Donkey
Woodwind Quartet

Friday, January 8: Grainger: Children’s March
Clarinet Quartet

Saturday, January 9: My Song: Singer-Songwriters
with Six-String Soldiers

Sunday, January 10: New Year, New Tunes
Original Tunes by Members of the Jazz Ambassadors

Tuesday, January 12: Winter, from “The Four Seasons”
Saxophone Quintet

Friday, January 15: Wind Quintet by Klughart, Mvt I
Woodwind Quintet

Saturday, January 16: Virtual Virtuosos
Members of the Concert Band

Sunday, January 17: MLK: The Man and the Dream
with Special Guests: American Spiritual Ensemble

Tuesday, January 19: Claudio Monteverdi: Pur Ti Miro
with Soloists from the Soldiers’ Chorus

Friday, January 22: J. Scott McKenzie: Groovy Loops
Concert Band Saxophone Quartet

Saturday, January 23: Birding with Six-String Soldiers
Six-String Soldiers

Sunday, January 24: Duets: Part II
Members of the Jazz Ambassadors

Tuesday, January 26: Euphonium Duet No. 70
with Master Sgt. Curran and Staff Sgt. Nyren

Friday, January 29: “Happy We!” by George Handel
with Sgt. 1st Class Michaela Shelton

Saturday, January 30: 80’s Part 2: By Request!
with Instrumental Combo and Vocalists from the Soldiers’ Chorus

Sunday, January 31: Enchanted Evening
with Joseph Herbst, Jazz Musician and Composer

Tuesday, February 2: The Real Group: “Words”
featuring HooahCapella

Friday, February 5: Drumming up the Generations
with Percussionists from the Concert Band

Saturday, February 6: A Night At The Opera
Featuring Vocalists from the Soldiers’ Chorus

Tuesday, February 9: Bach Cello Suite in G Major
Sgt. First Class Kevin Walko, Bass Clarinet

Friday, February 12: Folk Song: “Cold, Frosty Morning
Staff Sgt. James Old, Banjo

Saturday, February 13: Done! Breakup Playlist
with with Six-String Soldiers

Sunday, February 14: Heartsong Hits
with Mixed Ensembles and Vocalists

Tuesday, February 16: Gabriel Fauré: “Fleur Jetée”
with Sgt. First Class Daniel Erbe, vocalist

Friday, February 19: Carlos Salzedo: “Whirlwind”
with Staff Sgt. Grace Bauson, harpist

Saturday, February 20: Chuckin’ with the SteelDrivers
in collaboration with The SteelDrivers

Tuesday, February 23: Ben Vereecken: “Cheerfulness”
with Sgt. 1st Class Daniel Goff, saxophone, and Staff Sgt. Kelvin Ying, piano

Friday, February 26: Throwback: The Trombone
Meets the Bumblebee

with Sgt. 1st Class Carmen Russo, trombone

Saturday, February 27 @ 7pm: The Layover in San Juan
Featuring Music Composed by Sgt. Maj (Ret) Gene Thorne

Tuesday, March 2: Throwback: Stars and Stripes Forever
Concert Band and Soldiers’ Chorus

Friday, March 5: Stan Rogers: Sea Shanty
Featuring a Women’s Vocal Quartet from the Soldiers’ Chorus

Tuesday, March 9: Throwback: Alexander’s Ragtime Band
Featuring a Barbershop Quartet from the Soldiers’ Chorus

Friday, March 12: Throwback: Fanfare for Barcs
Featuring a Horn Quartet Celebrating Women’s History Month

Saturday, March 13: Six String Goes to Ireland
With Six-String Soldiers and Special Guest Artists, The Irish Rovers

Friday, March 19: Neal Corwell: “Dandy Doodles”
featuring Master Sgt. Lauren Urquhart, euphonium

Saturday, March 20: Iconic Women of Service
with Six-String Soldiers

Tuesday, March 23: Rossini: Largo al Factotum
Sgt. 1st Class Kevin Walko, bass clarinet, and Staff Sgt. Randy Fultz, bassoon

Friday, March 26: Inghelbrecht: Sonatine, Mvt. 3 Rondes,
Staff Sgt. Jennifer Zhou, flute, and Staff Sgt. Grace Bauson, harp

Saturday, March 27: The Writer’s Corner: Pete Rodriguez
featuring compositions by Sgt. 1st Class Paul White, staff arranger

Tuesday, March 30: Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair
Staff Sgts Sarah Polinski, voice, and Anthony Pocetti, piano

Thursday, April 1: St. Anne’s Reel
Staff Sgts Courtney Martin, tin whistle, and James Old, banjo

Friday, April 2: This is the Day
featuring the Soldiers’ Chorus

Saturday, April 3: Strings Only
Instrumental Bluegrass Favorites

Tuesday, April 6: Throwback: “Sempre Libera” from La Traviata
Sgt First Class Teresa Alzadon, Vocalist

Friday, April 9: “Rondeau” from Sonata for Harp and Flute
Staff Sgt Troy Paolantonio, Flute and Staff Sgy Grace Bauson, Harp

Saturday, April 10: March Along
featuring Popular Marches Played by Chamber Ensembles

Tuesday, April 13: Mozart: Alleluia
with Sgt. 1st Class Rachel Farber and Staff Sgt. Kelvin Ying

Friday, April 16: Scarlatti: Sonata, K. 484
Arranged for Sax Quartet by Staff Sgt. Shane Rathburn

Saturday, April 17: Our Roots: Music that Inspires Us
with Six-String Soldiers

Tuesday, April 20: Carolina in the Morning
with Staff Sgt. Joseph Mazzara, vocals, and Staff Sgt. Anthony Pocetti, piano

Friday, April 23: Bizet: “Habanera” from Carmen
with Sgt. 1st Class Teresa Alzadon, vocals, and Staff Sgt. Kelvin Ying, piano

Saturday, April 24: Jazz Ambassadors: National Park Week
with the Honorable Deb Haaland, Secretary of the Interior

Tuesday, April 27: Poulenc: Sonata for Two Clarinets
with Master Sgt. Jennifer Everhart and Sgt. 1st Class John Blair

Friday, April 30: Clarke: Carnival of Venice
with Staff Sgt. Patrick Nyren, euphonium, and Staff Sgt. Kelvin Ying, piano

Saturday, May 1: Johnny and June
with members of the Soldiers’ Chorus

Tuesday, May 4: Throwback: Leia’s Theme
Featuring the Jazz Ambassadors

Friday, May 7: You! Sing the Solo Line!
America the Beautiful with HooahCapella

Saturday, May 8: Victory in Europe Day
Featuring Various Small Ensembles

Sunday, May 9: Mother’s Day Tribute
Featuring Staff Sgt Leslie Ostransky, vocalist and Staff Sgt Grace Bauson, harp

Tuesday, May 11: Ingelbrecht: Sonatine, Mvt. III
Featuring Staff Sgt. Grace Bauson, harp, and Staff Sgt, Jennifer Zhou, flute

Friday, May 14: Ives: Variations on “America”
Featuring Woodwind Sextet

Saturday, May 15: Teamed for Defense
Armed Forces Day with Six-String Soldiers

Tuesday, May 25: Throwback: O Mio Babbino Caro
Featuring Master Sgt Rose Ryon with the Concert Band

Friday, May 28: Reinecke: Trio in A Minor, Mvt II
Trio for piano, Oboe, and Horn with Members of the Concert Band

The U.S. Army Field Band

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Fort George G Meade MD 20755-7055

301-677-6586 | usarmyfieldband@mail.mil