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Fall 2006
a newsletter for the sponsors and friends of The United States Army Field Band
Inspiring Audiences Worldwide
Sponsor a Concert In Your Area
Showcasing Our Servicemembers
Specialist Marcus Carney and his mother, Ms. Tami M. Ketteman, join the Field Band at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC
A Hero’s Welcome
Honoring Generations of Soldiers, Service, and Sacrifice
Wherever The United States Army Field Band brings the Army message, America shows pride and love for her sons and daughters who serve. The Field Band often shares the honor of welcoming returning Soldiers when communities introduce and thank them for their dedication
to duty. Whether in a gym, an auditorium, or a concert hall, as these brave men and women take the stage, audience members stand and cheer for these returning hometown heroes.
In addition, at every Field Band concert, generations of American Soldiers are asked to stand and be recognized as their service songs are played. Audiences erupt in emotional gratitude for our nation’s Soldiers both in the performances of the Field Band and through the thousands of letters that the Field Band receives every year.
An audience member from Sierra Vista, Arizona, wrote, “The excellence of your musicians of all
ages and backgrounds made us proud...thank you for a wonderfully patriotic evening. I couldn’t help thinking of our sons and daughters in Iraq...”
During its 60th anniversary concert, the Field Band reunited Ms. Tami M. Ketteman with her son, Specialist Marcus Carney, prior to his deploy- ment to Iraq. Her heartwarming “Letter from Mom”, as recorded by the band, is available on the Field Band’s website.
For over 60 years, The United States Army Field Band has experienced the honor of bringing the story of the American Soldier to the grassroots of America. As one audience member from Sacramento, California, stated, “Your work in rep- resenting Soldiers past and present who have served and sacrificed in support of this country is extraor- dinary... What a great tribute to those who gave their lives for such freedom—to be remembered through song!”

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