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The United States Army Field Band

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Our Mission:
To connect the American people to their Army by telling the Army story and honoring our Soldiers and Veterans at home and abroad as the Musical Ambassadors of the Army.

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Behind the Scenes
from High Point, NC on November 12
Grand Canyon National Park Turns 100
Grand Canyon National Park

Fall tour is in full swing this month, as The United States Army Field Band & Soldiers’ Chorus bring the Army Story to Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Arkansas, with Louisiana, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia to follow in November!

The band and chorus’ themed concerts and video features continue to be a hit with audiences, and this tour, we’ve rolled out our newest themed program: Sacred Spaces - A Grand Canyon Celebration. 2019 marks the 100th anniversary of Grand Canyon National Park, America’s most iconic natural landmark…

The U.S. Army Field Band

4214 Field Band Drive STE 5330

Fort George G Meade MD 20755-7055

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