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The United States Army Field Band

Our Mission:
To connect the American people to their Army by telling the Army story and honoring our Soldiers and Veterans at home and abroad as the Musical Ambassadors of the Army.

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Since 1756, Army bands have stood side-by-side with Americans helping inspire them during times of peril. The United States Army Field Band focuses on serving communities across the country the best way it can, by providing not just entertainment, but maintaining a connection between the American people and the Army.
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Wednesday, September 23 @ 7pm: An Engaging Proposal
with Staff Sgt. Joey Mazzara, vocal soloist
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Saturday, September 26 @ 7pm: Weather Report
With Six-String Soldiers
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Sunday, September 27 @ 7pm: Legit Brit
A Musical Trip to England
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Monday, September 28 @ 7pm: Saxophone Cruise Control
Sgt. First Class Daniel Goff, Concert Band Saxophone
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Wednesday, September 30 @ 7pm: 10th Mountain Division Memories
Master Sgt. Rose Ryon, Vocal Soloist
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The U.S. Army Field Band

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